Importance Of Constructivism In A Constructivist Classroom

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TS100 - Assessment 3. Student Name: Caroline Crowley Student Number: EN249359 Deadline for submission: 10a.m. Monday 8th December, 2014. Word Count: 2000 words Title: “Constructivism is about thinking and the thinking process ,rather than about the quantity of information a student can memorize and recite……………..This does not mean that content is not important . On the contrary, content is very important; however, in a constructivist classroom, a teacher does not stand and deliver most or even much of the content material. Rather students uncover, discover and reflect on content and their conceptions of such through inquiry, investigation, research and analysis in the context of a problem, critical question, issue or theme. ” (Marlowe…show more content…
In this assignment I will discuss how constructivism is about thinking and the thinking process, rather than about the quantity of information that a student can memorize and recite. I will also discuss the importance of implementing the constructivist approach by a teacher in his/her classroom to ensure that pupil based learning is taking place. Constructivism is a process. The teacher must negotiate goals and objectives with learners, pose problems of emerging relevance to students, emphasise hands‐on, real‐world experiences, seek and value students’ points of view and listen. The teacher should attempt to create new understandings via scaffolding coaching, moderating, suggesting. Teachers should ensure that assessment is formative as well as summative. It should be relevant, integrated with the task, and used to inform teaching and further the students learning. Teachers should also use each student’s error as a way of teaching, informing them and furthering their learning. Therefore, the student will acquire their own individual goals and assessments with the teacher. The student will create new understandings (via coaching, moderating, suggesting)control learning…show more content…
The student will also be learning in a suitable classroom environment which will enable the student to understand and also to appreciate various perspectives and points of view. The student will also be taking responsibility for themselves and their own work while they are involved in the learning process. This can be made possible by the teacher if they choose to do work which involves collaboration between teachers, pupils and others (e.g. community members) . It can also be made possible if the teacher implements a teaching strategy that is tailored to and facilitates the needs and tenacities of individual learners. The teacher must also ensure that the chosen work/activity features active, challenging, authentic and multidisciplinary learning in order to implement the constructivist approach within the classroom setting. Constructivism is a pedaological strategy. Constructivism can also help students to follow personal purposes and the various interests that they each may have. Constructivism can also help student to build on his/her prior knowledge and to use/develop his/her abilities where they may not have had the opportunity to do so before. Constructivism also helps to develop habits for life‐long learning in the student’s future academic

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