Importance Of First Day In High School

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Running head: First day First Day Ever since I could remember, I have been utterly terrified to speak in front of more than two or three people. From grade school through high school, when I had to do a presentation or address an audience I would get butterflies in my stomach, sweat, and stumble my way through whatever I was doing in sheer agony. Once I was out of high school, I just found myself avoiding any situation where I had to speak publicly. Problem solved! Until I came to Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) and enrolled in the Metal Fabrication and Welding program. I was thirty-one years old, at a dead end at my job of fourteen years, and needed to make a change so I enrolled at WCTC to further my education…show more content…
He told me that he was standing outside the classroom listening to what I was doing and wanted to talk about how it was going. Before I had a chance to say anything, he said, “You are not being yourself! You have to give the students you. If you don’t you will lose them and the semester will be terrible for you and the students. Even if you stumble with something, if you are genuine you will be able to right the ship and keep the students trusting in you. You know the material! Now get back in there and show them who Joe is.” Still shaking off what happened for the past 45 minutes, I told Rog that I would give them me for the next hour and a half even if I were a little inappropriate and unorthodox. Once I was back with the students, I put myself out there and really told them how I was feeling about this being my first class. I was nervous, scared, and most of all worried that I might let them down. Some of them snickered and said, “How do you think we feel!” Relieved, I gathered myself and told them, “I will show you how to weld and you all can help me find my way teaching.” After that, we got back to our safety lecture and I was able to loosen up and zing some jokes in, give them a tour, and rock the rest of the

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