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1. Pretend that it’s 100 years from now. Which piece of technology from our era do you think people will think we were foolish to have used? Why do you think they’ll think this? What are the costs and benefits of technology? The piece of technology from our era that people will think we were foolish to have was the laptop. Pretty soon there will be tablets and phones that store and can do processes faster than any laptop every could. These tablets and phones are going to weigh less than any phone, tablet, or laptop that is used today and are going to be made of a slab of glass. Future generations are going to have this because they had increased their knowledge and decreased the amount of space that was needed to hold the insides of a computer. This would make our big computers look like absolute jokes and our computers would be a lot slower than anything they would have in the future. The benefits of technology are increased production and increased luxury but the this technology has a downside, such as they have…show more content…
They will write that we had technology that was unsophisticated and it had very little uses compared to what they might have then. They might also write about how this generation and its addiction to technology and how the average teenager could not get off of his or her phone. Medical technology might also get written about and how it was very unsophisticated and it was nothing like what they might have then. Lastly, everything will be stored and used on a device kind of like a phone and these new “phones” are going to have a lot more capacity for more intense apps and extremely more storage space. 4. In the context of this article, what is the goal of education? Why should we strive to understand the past, present, and future? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your

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