Blowing Snow: Snow And Snow

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SNOW DAY CALCULATOR. Snow can simply be described as precipitation that takes the form of crystals of ice and they usually originate from the cloud under the circumstances of low temperatures that are below the freezing point which is usually 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In such conditions, the scientific explanation behind it is that the water vapor in the atmosphere changes its state to ice without going through the liquid state first. The moment an ice crystal is formed, it goes ahead to absorb and freeze any additional water vapor from the air causing it to grow into a snow crystal, snowflakes, snow pallets and snow sleets that later fall down to the earth. The atmospheric conditions of a place play a great role in determining…show more content…
As wind blows, particles of snow are raised either to moderate height or very high levels and this ultimately affects the horizontal eye visibility. Drifting snow: unlike blowing snow, this kind of snowfall is all about the snow that is on the ground being blown to a height of around two meters from the surface by blowing winds. With the advancement in technology, it is now very easy for anyone to know whether it will snow or not by simply using applications that can calculate the snow day called ‘snow day calculator’. Alternatively one can visit a site that has these calculators and key in some data so that they can get a results for the snow day. They can help you know the chances that there will be snow in a certain day and consequently help you to be well prepared and get some things done before it starts to snow. SNOW DAY PROBABILITY…show more content…
School snow day calculator is used to merely calculate the chances of school being delayed or closed because of snow. In some parts of the world, winters are usually the worst school distracters as they affect the learning activities. If it can affect the ability of people to move around, do you really think the school system will escape it? Most students get excited at any chance or opportunity they get to skip school and therefore this calculator can come in handy and give them a lead as to whether they should prepare for school or not. The most commonly used school calculator used by students is the one that was developed by Sukhin. This snow day calculator uses a specific algorithm that he developed and uses a person’s ZIP code, the school type one is in, the school’s previous snow days and snow removal to do its analysis and decide whether the school will be delayed or closed because of snow or not. From the time he developed it up to now, he has been able to add more detailed features that are able to produce information like schools’ cancellation

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