Importance Of Energy Resources Essay

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1.1 GENERAL The most important and crucial problems faced by the world include not only energy crisis, depleting fossil fuel, environmental pollution and poor energy efficiency, but also the severe consequences faced by humans in their day-to-day life. While analysing the past decades, the surplus energy crisis have been satisfied by burning coal, hydrocarbons-oil, and natural gas, which in-turn leads to the carbon emissions that further leads to form environmental pollution. The major environmental pollution, such as global warming and irregular weather patterns affects the earth environment as well as, it also raises the price of fossil fuels. Further, as the prices of coal and oil, concerns the hidden cost about climate change and climate barriers. A new sort of energy resources is required to solve environmental pollution and energy crisis. Therefore, renewable energy resources came into existence in the later mid of the past decades. To tackle the above said problems, the energy sector…show more content…
In India, the utilization of wind energy is almost higher that other renewable energy resources as the wind flow in all season throughout the year. In wind energy utilization, India stands in the fifth place among utilizes in the world wide. It stands after China, U.S.A, Germany and Spain in generation of wind power as shown in table 1.1. The significance of renewable energy was predictable in the early 1970s. Later on, the development on new wind turbine technologies are, which gradually made the wind energy as remarkable energy resources than any other countries. Furthermore, they have capacity to generate 21.264 GW in present decade, and over 15-16 GW of new generation capacity is to be installed by 2020. Successively, it reduces carbon di-oxide emission of an average of 49 million tons by 2020, that in-turn reduces the irregular weather patterns in

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