Pros And Cons Of Short Term Memory

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In the beginning, the video asked us if we remember how many people were in the crime scene. It mentioned that we may get the answer wrong because of our short term memory has forgotten most thing since the video played, which has been around 6 minutes. In chapter 7, the traditional three stage memory model has explained the portion of the short term memory. Short term memory would only hold information up to 30 seconds without any type of rehearsal, and the information is not transferred on to the long term memory storage will be lost. For people who have not watched brain games before, they could not anticipate what the speaker would ask, so we would just listen along, and not really try to go over information again and again in our heads. So even though we may have seen what was going on in the crime scene through our sensory, a lot of information is lost when being transferred to the short term memory stage. Our memory has went through selective attention to only store information we think is important. As in the video stated, “memory is a highly selective process of receiving, retaining, and recalling information. In the video, the speaker told us to try and remember these 10 items on the…show more content…
This is related to the parallel distributed-processing model(PDP), where memories is stored in a weblike network of processing units throughout the brain. Some parts of the brain include the amygdala, basal ganglia and cerebellum, hippocampal foundation, thalamus, and cortex. The video did not mention any details of the parts of the brain that the chapter described, but both the video and the chapter explained that linking items together would strengthen the connections between neurons, which is help for for moving information from short term memory to long term

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