Brain Essay: Are We Just Our Brain?

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Are we just our brain? No we are the sum total of all our organs. When the body dies goes the brain too. The organs of the body are dependent on the brain for signals to function, If the signals do not come from it the organ remains paralysed- The hands and the legs are good examples. The parts of our body cannot think and act independently of the brain. The great exception is the Heart. Though the heart responds by varying the rate at which it beats to the impulses from the brain, heart functions on its own even after brain death for over two to three weeks under controlled conditions, in fact this is the basis of live heart transplantation and other organ transplantations. We are not just our brains though it is conceded that by and large Brain dominates the body functions. The brain and other organs require blood supply for thei function. Without the blood supply the organs die of Ischemia and the most vulnerable is the brain. Heart is the organ that ensures blood supply to all the organs. Then are we just our heart? The blood that the heart supplies should be well oxygenated and if the blood is not oxygenated the organs will suffer anoxic arrest! The organ that oxygenates the blood is the lung. If the lungs…show more content…
Consciousness is the property of brain. Much like wetness rides on top of water. It supervenes upon the brain. In summary, we are on the journey of life. It is not a Gulliver’s Travels. We are not interested in a society where people grow older and feebler but never to die. We are primarily interested in extending life and adding to the quality of life. The quality of life must be of a high standard and designed in such a way as to give people a reason for living longer. What we are envisioning is a future where old age doesn’t exist as it has ever been known before. It is a future where we can grow healthier and more youthful as long as we wish. Come along, and reinvent your selves to be whatever and whomever you

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