Mau Mau Movement In Kenya

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The Mau Mau rebellion started back in 1952 and ended in 1963 that is when Kenya gained its independence. Before British colonial took over Kenya, African countries or regions were taken by the Europeans known as the scramble for Africa. which explains that the country of Kenya was in control of the sultan of Zanzibar who was in control of most of the regions or territories across Africa, then the British and its military forced and powered sultan to give over the land (countries) over to the British empire an also to share these territories with other empire, for instance the Tanganyika and Germans .In 1884-1885 in Berlin, it’s where the agreement of giving over different settlements in which the British empire gained power over eastern African…show more content…
Before the Mau Mau uprising women mostly those who were located in the central of Kenya were fed up with communal labour, for instance they had to work hard labour like to restructure roads , maintain the British troops , this communal labour and also to be abused built anger to this women that’s when they decide to be part of the Mau Mau movement and also to join the struggle to set Kenya from the British colonies .This women acted as spies in which they took information in which the British will be work on in order to overcome the Mau Mau uprising , they worked together to get useful information they divided themselves into groups , so that they can make this more easy and that they won’t be caught .over 8000 women from different villages like , Agikuyu, Aembu and Ameru communities were detained at kamiti in which was the place were detention camps were performed , this action was done because of their participation in the Mau Mau liberation struggle and the camps were the only the way to prevent them from helping the Mau Mau association .after all those struggles that women were involved in they also played an important role in Kenya till now, like grace…show more content…
This union was ruled by powerful leadership which made sure that the country of Kenya gains its independence. Jomo Kenyatta joined the first anti-setter protest movement, the east African association (EAA). This organisation was banned in 1925 by the Europeans .he then joined the kikuyu central association (KCA), which he become the secretary and the aims of this association was to address the colonial challenges faced by the kikuyu. He later become the president of Kenya African union, this position give the power to overcome the British, but having agreement about the operations of Kenya also the economic system keeping them in idea that Kenya need to be independent form them .jomo was linked in many incident such as the Mau Mau society and a radical anti-colonial movement that staged the Mau Mau rebellion and also peasant revolt against white colonial rule, because of this actions that jomo did he was arrested in 1952.after Jomo was released from five years after he become the first Kenyan prime minister and also was appointed as a president of independent

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