Obesity In Today's Society

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Obesity is defined by the World Health Organisation as ‘a disease in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that health is adversely affected’. George A. Bray stated it is ‘an epidemic disease that threatens to inundate health care resources by increasing the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer’. Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference are used to assess a person’s weight to calculate whether or not they are obese. ‘The number for adults should be between 20 and 25, in order for their weight to be considered ideal for their height.’ Under 20 is underweight, over 25 is overweight, and over 30, according to the World Health Organisation, is morbidly obese. Obesity is a serious problem, not only in…show more content…
Of course, it can be genetic or due to some medical conditions, but these are very rare. The main causes of obesity are inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, which are both preventable. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle, with gyms, new health food shops and many more resources available to the population, but also just as easy to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food restaurants are on every street corner, offering quick food at a cheap price, which appeals to almost everyone. Our environment can also tend to play a key role in moulding an individual’s habits and lifestyle. Today’s society has developed a more sedentary lifestyle, with walking been replaced by driving cars, exercise has been replaced by technology and nutrition has been overcome by convenience foods. What Finkelstein Ruhm and Kosa stated in their journal is frighteningly true: ‘technological advancements have allowed us to be increasingly productive at work and at home while expending fewer calories and have also reduced food prices, especially prices for energy dense foods. These changes directly increase net calories and may interact with other factors (e.g., television, the built environment) to further promote weight…show more content…
One of the main health problems that is caused by obesity is coronary heart disease, which is Ireland’s number one killer. It also increases one’s risk of a stroke, which can have life altering consequences. It puts the body’s major organs such as the heart, lungs and liver at risk as they’re under extra pressure. The joints in our bodies are also at risk to be damaged from increased unnecessary pressure. Obesity also contributes to high blood pressure, abnormal blood fat levels, which have a major effect on cholesterol, increased blood-clotting tendency and raised blood insulin levels and type 2 diabetes which is another serious issue. Colon cancer and gallbladder disease are also problems that arise from obesity. The consequences of obesity aren’t only physical, they are mental too. Psychological disorders which obesity may trigger include depression, eating disorders, distorted body image, and low

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