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Introduction Knowledge management as the name suggest is separate set of discipline in an organization whose major task is to promote an integrated approach to identify, capture , evaluate, retrieve and share all the information in context of an organization , that is the information which is relevant to the organization. It may include the database of the organization, documents, the set of terms and condition followed in the organization, procedures, and the final records of the organization. Moreover the task of this disciplined is to keep a record of the employee performance and growth. This helps in getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time (Persson 2006). The requirement of this discipline is due to the increasing…show more content…
It is considered that ground through which an organization gets and gains its innovation and the fuel that boost the growth and expansion of the organization. However this domain is given very less importance when it comes to an organization, they are unable to manage it, captured it, nurtured it, shared it and perpetuated it (Alavi & Leidner. 2000). Mismanagement and mishandling of this domain can even lead to the degradation of the business’s information possessions, and a failure to maximize employee potential. Therefore, for avoiding such a situation it is important that a business maintain a robust and dynamic knowledge management strategy in the company. Knowledge management is that discipline which is based on making the most out of the knowledge making the knowledge available, accessible, and helping for all the employees (Tiwana 2000). This will help the employees as they drawing on skills that already exist within the organization, rather than trying to reacquire them through superfluous training or…show more content…
One can see that knowledge is a very important part of an organization and it plays a very vital role in its success. Hence, one can see that as the use, management of knowledge application is increasing throughout the business domain its value, and worth is increasing with it (Gold, Segars & Malhotra. 2001). However, one cannot ignore the growing challenge with this increase in demand that the knowledge management is facing, as it is becoming a critical and challenging for both the employees and the individual. The actual motto of knowledge management is to explore and search for the arguments and details which will help the organization to grow and be enhanced. However, these aspects can be seen as abilities, knowledge, skills, and experience (Alavi & Leidner.

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