How Did Stalin's Change In The Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union underwent a great loss in 1953. The announcement of Stalin’s death came on March 5. The mysterious death of Stalin unchained the new directions of development hidden before. Logically, opinions regarding the past as well as future plans of soviet nations were not similar. At the funeral of Stalin were presented three speeches by Malenkov, Beria, and Molotov. Those speeches gave significant key messages to soviet people. Considering the fact that speeches of high officials were not written by speechwriters, signs a possibility to analyze their attitudes towards Stalin and future of Soviet Union. The funeral ceremony presented the Soviet leadership to the world as a triumvirate: Malenkov, evidently the primus inter pares; Beria, close behind and giving Malenkov a sort of half-hearted blessing; and Molotov, running a relatively poor third.…show more content…
Speech of Beria makes us think about the kind of division inside the party, which should delay by Stalin's being alive. It would have been a reason of Stalin's death as well, but it is not proved. Also, Speech of Malenkov shows us an effort to block all discussion of actual political issues and interests. (Those will be explained later). From the very beginning of Bolshevism, there were significantly different opinions about the way, how to develop social revolution. Social revolution for the world, or for a just one country?! The winner was Stalin. Though his methods of playing gave him

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