Chemical Engineering Purpose Statement

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE One of the greatest challenges a high school student faces, while planning his career, is choosing a profession that would be close to his heart but I was not in such dilemma when I had to choose my dream career since I have almost spent half of my childhood in my dad’s small scale chemical industry. I had an opportunity to learn about various chemicals and chemical engineering operations in my earlier stages itself. Though that was a time in India, a degree in electronic communication engineering was a popular choice, but I was very firm in my decision to take up chemical engineering as my bachelor’s degree program, I was convinced that chemical engineering would be most suited as its scope was wide and it provided a range of technologies to specialize on. Further, I was fascinated by the contribution of this profession to environment and energy conservation and the role of today’s chemical engineers in the society. I was able to secure admission to the Chemical…show more content…
Yet, I am clearly aware of the immense efforts I have to make in order to fulfill this aspiration. Working on the latest areas requires state-of-the art equipment and facilities and best possible supervisors. Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Twente has these extraordinary facilities and great laboratories in which I can fully realize my professional interests. The breadth of research done at the university in the field of sustainable process technology would allow me to pursue my interests with talented researchers. Studies on Liquefaction by Prof.Dr.S.R.A.Kersten and the studies on separation technology by Prof. Dr. Ir. Anton A. Kiss are of particular interest to me. My participation in your Master’s program will give me a complete education and wonderful research experience, which will promote my career to new

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