Music In My Life

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Without us realizing, music has a big impact on all of our lives. For me, music has always been my go to for whenever I am happy, sad, or when I want to relax. I listen to it daily and when I’m not listening to it, I’m either humming a tune or singing in my head. I like to think that music is what helps us keep a memory alive. A song playing on a car radio can help you remember a special moment you were sharing with somebody. Hearing an old song can help you remember the presence of somebody that meant a great deal to you. Music can also affect our moods by the uplifting lyrics sang along the majestic melody. In this essay, I will be sharing personal anecdotes that has affected me. The soundtrack I have chosen is a list of songs that…show more content…
The reason is because I feel alone and that’s what makes me lack my boldness. One of my favorite songs is called “This is Me” sung by Keala Settle. It is part of the soundtrack to the film, The Greatest Showman. The song is sung in the film when the “freaks” of the circus gets the door slammed in their faces when wanting to enter a party. They get told to go back to rehearsal so they can practice for their show later that night. Keala Settle, also known as the bearded lady in the film, leads the group to their work station while singing this song. They pass by bystanders while being made fun of. During this scene, they stake their mark in front of the audience that they’re not ashamed of who they are. It later transitions to them performing during their show with stunning choreography from the crew. When I saw this scene in theaters, it made me reflect of all the times I felt out of the social norms. I had always felt that I never fit in the societal standards. When it comes to beauty, trends, or pop culture I rarely feel like I fit in. I feel like an outcast in today’s world just like the characters in the film. I believe this is the reason why I don’t have much confidence in myself and why I have a low self-esteem. However, when I heard this song I had a sense of feeling that it’s okay to be different from everybody else. I tried to pick lyrics from this song that related most to my situation, but it was like a puzzle. If I choose a line, I had to choose all of them to help create the picture. The song had a powerful message saying that this is who you are and you should be proud. It helped me open my eyes that I am not alone on feeling alone. Building my confidence is a working progress, but songs like “This is Me” is what keeps me
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