Importance Of Dress Codes In The Workplace

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Weekday mornings are always chaotic, especially when you’re unsure of what to wear to the office that you often end up late for work. While not all workplaces require a dress code, how you look in front of your boss and colleagues speak volumes about you. For the workplace corporate attire, the dress codes are: business formal, business professional, business casual, and casual. These four standard types are your guidelines in dressing appropriately for success. 1. Business Formal. The business formal attire means the highest type of workplace dressing. No less than a quality tailored suit is required to complete the look. Style tips. Men: A suit in neutral solid colors (grey, navy, and black) with white button-up collared shirts and subtle…show more content…
Casual Attire. Not all companies require a dress code and if yours is one of them, you’re in luck. Casual attire in the workplace gives employees a chance to express themselves with their personal style. Just make sure not to go overboard with colors and patterns. Remember, what you wear can make an impression on your boss as well. Make sure your clothes are still decent, office-worthy, and neatly pressed. Style tips. Men: Some companies allow jeans and others strictly do not. Make sure to check with your office if you can indeed wear jeans. Otherwise, slacks or chinos will do. Sweaters over collared polos are a nice casual style as well. Complete your casual look with clean loafers or sneakers. Style tips. Women: Women are lucky enough to have a variety of options for casual wear so long as it’s office appropriate. Skirts should never be too short. If wearing denim, dark wash is the most appropriate but avoid torn jeans or cut-offs. For shoes, women can wear more comfortable shoes but must avoid flip-flops. When it comes to workplace attire, it’s best to consult with your HR department so you have a better grasp of what to wear on a daily basis. What matters is keeping a professional style in accordance to office

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