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In her book, Exploring Professional Communication: Language in Action, author Stephanie Schnurr describes and analyzes communication in the workplace between professionals and that of professionals and the public. She argues that communication is important in all interactions and goes on to demonstrate and discuss various examples of conversations, letters, emails, and other forms of communication. Her main point is the importance of language when engaging in any type of discourse, and how it varies from situation to situation. It is an eight chapter book, where each chapter is a different theme which is then explored in sub categories within it. The first chapter is mainly an explanation of the book. It describes how the book will go through the many types of workplace communication, and talks about the effects of the economy and technology on communication. She also explains why she uses mainly the analysis of examples to make her point, and how using real and relevant examples is important ant.…show more content…
Schnurr explains the idea of the different genres of professional communication, and how they can and should be applied in the workplace. She shows examples of different types of letters, such as a job application and a sales promotion and then shows how although at first glance they are very different, there are still many similarities between the two. In the third and fourth chapters, culture in the workplace and national culture are explored, as well as their effect on communication. Schnurr describes how differences in culture can change how people speak, write, and lead one another. She also goes on to explain that even things like dress code affect the communication in the workplace. As for national culture, she explains that culture only affects the communication and creates issues between multi-cultural groups because people view it that

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