Argumentative Essay On Mental Health

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Mental health refers to our emotional and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we deal with stress, relate towards others, and make choices. According to research, 1 in 4 people in the world are affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Mental health affects many different people around the world however, many communities such as the Black community overlooked in this issue and do not address it more often. As reported by United States Census Bureau, 13.2% of the United States population identify as Black or African American. Of those, over 16.0% had a diagnosable mental illness in the past year. Mental health is important as it is a significant factor in staying healthy and living a long, happy life. the African American community, tend to disregard the importance of mental health. Mental health is often stigmatized in this community due to the influence of the cultures disbelief of this issue. Because of this, many African…show more content…
Many times when students are not doing well in school, parents mostly tell them to stop being lazy and start doing their homeworks and pay more attention in class they don't understand that it's more than that. Symptoms of having a mental health include feeling sad, Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate, Major changes in eating habits, and Suicidal thinking. Up to one in five kids living in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder in a given year. And even if students don't get the help that they need, they still have to attend school And the problems they face can tie into major problems found in schools: chronic absence, low achievement, disruptive behavior and dropping out. It is hard for students mostly high school students to focus in school while they have all of these things going on in their

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