Importance Of Asian Education In The Philippines

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ASIAN LEARNING CENTER-PAJO CAMPUS High School Department CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Rationale Schools are supposed to provide proper education and also to keep their students safe and healthy when within the campus grounds. They should be ready for any situations that might occur during class. Like: Student: Ma’am, may I be excused, for now? Teacher: Why? Student: I feel sick and I might also throw up sooner or later. Teacher: Oh, then, lie down a bit at the clinic. Student: Thank you! A quick and easy solution, isn’t it? But, what if there was no clinic? Will the student be fine even after showing something horrible to the whole class? He might be, physically, but he would ruin the class’s mood and might get shunned later on by his fellow classmates. Situations like…show more content…
He observed that since independence there had been five major education reforms namely, the Education Act of 1961, the Education Committee Report of 1973 popularly known as the Dzobo Report, the New Educational System of 1987, the FCUBE of 1996 and the 2007 Educational Reform, but the quality of education continued to deteriorate. More pupils drop out of school and less than 3 percent of all primary school leavers made it to the tertiary level, he said. Mr K T Hammond, Deputy Minister of Interior, expressed concern about the growing indiscipline in the school and pledged 200 bags of cement and roofing sheets to complete classroom blocks and teachers' bungalows under construction and the supply of a separate electricity transformer. He appealed to the authorities of the school to do all that they could to encourage the students to concentrate on their studies to enable them to become good future leaders to serve various sectors of the

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