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Abstract:- An Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graphic recording or display produces by the myocardium during the cardiac cycle in exquisite detail. It is recorded by properly pasting the electrodes on the body surface. Biosignals are non-linear & non-stationary. ECG signal can be analyzed using wavelet transforms and it is the powerful tool for analyzing any type of biosignals. It involves representing a time function of a signal in terms of simple, fixed block termed wavelets. This paper presents a technique to choose different types of wavelets for electrocardiogram signal. During recording process the ECG wave suffers from several noise and interference. Thus signal can be removed from noise using various wavelet transforms, thereby the signal…show more content…
The ECG device displays as a wavy line on the screen when there is discerning voltage rise and fall between two electrodes placed either side of the heart. The rhythm of the heart in terms of beats per minute and weak signal in different parts of the heart muscle can be identified. To record electrocardiogram electrodes are used and they are combined into a number of pairs which form three pairs of electrodes as Left Arm & Right Arm, Right Arm & Left Leg, Left Arm & Left Leg. The electrodes are connected to the ECG by the same number of electrical wires. These wires and electrodes to which they are connected are known as a lead. Each lead is placed at different angle of the heart. EKG (ECG) monitoring leads are typically of three types, they are 3_ lead, 5_lead or 12_lead ECGs and are referred by the number of leads that are recorded. A 12-lead ECG has twelve electrical signals and it can record the signal at the same time which can be used as a one-off recording of an ECG signal, printed as a paper copy. 3-lead and 5-lead EKGs can be used to continuously monitor and can be seen on the screen by monitoring device, it may or may not have any permanent record, which depends on the equipment

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