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Palliative care is an area of health care that provides care for patients who are ill and caused their health to deteriorate progressively, and rapidly at times toward the end of life, the purpose of palliative care is to relief pain, yet maintaining best quality of life and supporting the patient’s family before and after the patient has come to eternal sleep and when the illness has come to attempts at cure are impossible (, 2015). Home palliative care are for patients who are diagnosed with life-limiting diseases or if the patient has a high risk of morbidity and mortality and also patients who are homebound as there is presence of multiple chronic diseases including cognitive impairment, these patients majorly…show more content…
The palliative care provided in Singapore are, Dover Park Hospice, Metta Hospice Care, Bright Vision Hospital and so on (Silverevolution,…show more content…
Estimation and ways of seeking financial help for home palliative care should be educated by social workers to maintain a patient’s rights to choose too. When a patient and family members have agreed to place the patient under home based palliative care, they should also ask for help when they faced financial or medical difficulties. So when the patient’s need are met while grief in family members are not affected, home based palliative care is a cost-effective program that should be carried on and promoted to the public. Second subtopic: Increasing public awareness of home based palliative care services in

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