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TOPIC: The grading of meat according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the meant by the meat grading from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)? INTRODUCTION The quality of beef that we eat is characterized by grades of quality which is cut in between of the ribs number 12 and 13 (, 2016 Online). The grading of quality meat looks at the quality of the meat, the influence of fat content on the grading of meat, the effects on the quality, factors affecting diet, factors affecting quality, the history of how animals were fed, looks at financial effects, and looks at solutions to improve. The grading that started in 1902 by Herbert Mumford from the University of Illinois suggested…show more content…
USDA is important for culinary students as they must know that prime meat is mostly sold in restaurants and hotels because people who buy in supermarkets will find the meat expensive. USDA has three major grades which are USDA prime which is very heavy on the intramuscular fat and has high spread equally, USDA choice this one has average amount of intramuscular fat that is fine in texture, trimmed with lace and have less spread quality than USDA prime, USDA select has mottled intramuscular fat and have lesser marble (, nd). Culinary students learn more as they will learn how much time is needed to prepare the types of meat according to their characteristics as they differ from one another according to the marbling, tenderness, juiciness and the flavour. Culinary student learns a lot on meat grades as they learn that grades ascertain the tenderness and the flavour of meat according to the age, colour, the texture and the level of intramuscular fat. USDA grading help student to have a proper understanding of meat and the quality of meat and the meat that is eaten by people as it is USDA choice which is used by food service operators (Busyinbrooklyn,…show more content…
Knowing that means that you have to know which meat you have to produce for a particular affluence. Hoteliers must know the standard of the meat they produce for their customers so that they can produce good service to them, hoteliers must know all the grading of meat and know which one works better for their business budget as the price of the meat differs in prices from the prime to select. As a hospitality manager, you must consider using the prime grade because customers expect good quality as they visit hotels and restaurants. Graded meat help the hospitality industry because the meat is examined and certified for the quality it will offer and that means safety and high quality of the meat. USDA help the hospitality industry on the kept history of how animals were fed as the way animals were fed in the past is different from how animals are fed now: in the 1960's animals were fat, because they were forced to feed, in 1970's slaughterhouse, were previously ripped off by farmers who force-fed the animals, 1980's cows were eating sheep protein (Melani, nd). USDA also covers the financial impacts that were faced in the past were many cows died because of the way they were fed (Melani, nd). Now in South Africa, as future hoteliers will know how to control fast food as USDA teaches them to use good sources, check slaughters

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