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Dress codes are one of the most debatable topics out there right now. The issue first became controversial in 1969, when three students wore black armbands to school in order to protest the Vietnam War. These students, John(15), Mary Beth Tinker(13), and Chris Eckhardt(16), all got punished for expressing themselves by wearing these armbands. They went to the courts and said that their First Amendment rights were blatantly violated. The case was called the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District case. The Supreme Court came to the conclusion that students do not just shed their First Amendment rights while they enter school. Nonetheless, they also ruled that schools can establish dress codes if some sort of expression is a distraction to the learning environment. Most dress codes prohibit students wearing gang-affiliated clothing, clothing with suggestive themes, or any pieces of clothing that are too short. If students violate these dress codes, they can receive punishments like suspension and detention. They overall just stop students, mostly creative…show more content…
The freedom of speech does not only account for the spoken word, but also for non-verbal forms of expression. This is called symbolic speech. According to, there has been a case involving Roy Gomm Elementary school, in which the schools required uniforms that have the school’s logo “Tomorrow's Leaders” on them. A parent of a third grader attending Roy Gomm argued that her child should not be forced to endorse the school. Because this logo/motto is some sort of message, the First Amendment’s free exercise clause comes into play. In the end, the school had to remove the logo and change the uniforms in such a manner that there is no endorsement or message of any sort. Uniforms like these are one of the many things that prevent students from expressing themselves non-verbally, and are

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