The Importance Of Robust Knowledge

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6. “Robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.” Discuss the claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. Robust Knowledge is the knowledge that is relevant and accepted by actors in the context of its application. This is achieved when the knowledge is credible, noticeable, and produced in a legitimate way. Knowledge is credible when it is accepted globally by a majority and is passed down from person to person. Knowledge is noticeable in everyone’s everyday experience and encounters with others, whether it is faulty or credible it is still there. Also, Knowledge is legitimate when it is justified to an extent and has proof or effective meaning backing it up. Robust Knowledge is discovered by man or uncovered over time. It…show more content…
Some may possible see that the natural sciences are an influence of Robust Knowledge through disagreement, therefore, you can make the justification that a disagreement is also required for Robust Knowledge. A famous Italian Astronomer named Giovanni Schiaparelli once believed in his lifetime that there were boundless canals and extravagant gullies on the surface of mars. This concept he had came up with became so popular to an extent that famous scientist like Percival Lowell even agreed on. They had thought that some inhabitant of that plant had built irrigation systems similar to that on earth. For a long period of time, that was thought to be true of the planet Mars. It wasn’t until the first unmanned spacecraft to the planet gathered images of the planets surface to disprove Giovanni’s theory. The images showed that what we were seeing was just an optical illusion of large quantities of dust that happened to be collected were blown by heavy gust currents. The reason behind this influence is provided through a more historical perspective. As time progresses and we attain technology to a higher quality, we are able to identify and discover answers to those theories we thought to be true in the past. And with that knowledge that is disagreed on, we as a society are able to attain more Robust Knowledge by disproving it. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Honest Disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” It can be interpreted that his meaning of a “good sign of progress” is showing that disagreements helps find future answers to which at that moment our threshold of Robust Knowledge is exceeded. It therefore can be made clear that the Natural Sciences can also help us attain Robust Knowledge to an extent, but by showing up through disagreements it can be disproved over

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