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EGEMEN: Hello everyone. Welcome to our discussion. Actually, I’m glad to see you. Today, our topic is Do you think İstanbul is an ideal place for everyone? Why/ Why not? and finally, we’ll decide that ideal place or not for us. I think everyone has more or less info about this topic. Therefore let's talk about Istanbul. Do you think İstanbul is an ideal place for everyone? Why/ Why not? DERYA: Istanbul is an ideal place for a lot of people. Because there are many opportunities and innovations in Istanbul. I give some examples. People need a job to continue their life. That is to say, there are many job opportunities in Istanbul because Istanbul is an urban town. Lots of innovations are experienced in Istanbul. Since the old times is one…show more content…
BARIŞ : You talked about good points for Istanbul but you didn’t talk about the traffic jam. Istanbul is a more crowded city. Lots of people use their own cars. Therefore, in a specific time, there are too many cars on the roads.Thus, people cannot reach places where they want to go on time. Also, people feel stressed and fight each other because of spending too many hours in traffic. Lastly, according to the research which was done by Turkey which has the highest death rate and 100.000 people die because of the traffic accident. For this reason, Istanbul is not available for residential. Nesibe: I totally disagree with you. Traffic congestion is not enough reason to say that Istanbul is not an ideal city for everyone. Too many people prefer Istanbul in order to the resident because of the many kinds of reasons. One of the most significant reasons is social life. I think we should consider social life in Istanbul. People can find activities for every season, every day and every hour.There are many places in which people spend time efficiently. For example, there are too many coffees, museums and places that people visit. Hence, people spend effectively times and they feel motivated. They can broaden their horizons in Istanbul. I say that again Istanbul is a suitable city for

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