Ethics And Professionalism In Nkandla

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Business project TERM 3 Ethics and professionalism Isabella Ventura CONTENTS PAGE: Page number STAGE 1: STATEMENT 3 1 STAGE 2: DESIGN A CODE OF CONDUCT 2-3 STAGE 3: ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM: 3-4 NKANDLA JUDGEMENT STAGE 4: FINAL SUMMARY 4 STAGE 6: WRITTEN REPRESENTATION 5 BIBLIOGRAPHY 6 Statement 3: At the beginning of 2016, Mrs. Louisa Wynard made a sexual assault accusation against ANC chairperson Marius Fransman. She made the report in the North West province in Rustenburg; it is said that he touched her inappropriately and she was forced to share a hotel room with him on the trip to celebrate the ANC’s 104th birthday. Mr. Fransman admitted to knowing the complainant…show more content…
All the established policies that have been created by the company are expected to be known and obeyed by all employees. Ethics and professionalism: Nkandla judgment The issue that took place at Nkandla involved the misuse of public funds for upgrades on the president’s private residence. Now there has been a case taken to the constitutional court dealing with the incident. The public want Zuma to pay back a reasonable amount of the money he spent installing non-security upgrades at Nkandla. There were security upgrades at Nkandla but during this time a chicken run, swimming pool, a cattle kraal, visitors’ center, an amphitheater and other things were constructed at the expense of the public. After following several complaints the Public Protector investigated the project. Being the president Jacob Zuma is supposed to act ethically and professionally. To act ethically one should demonstrate good morals and values according to society such as honesty, fairness etc. But, the president went against the constitution and ignored instructions given by the Public Protector thus he continued to act in an unethical and unprofessional manner. Final…show more content…
A code of ethics defines acceptable behaviour as well as promotes a high standard of practice. I recommend that all businesses have a good code of conduct that is understood and implemented by everyone in the company. By having a general understanding it helps your company run efficiently and it makes it easier to carry out discipline if needed. I recommend that as an employee one should behave ethically and professionally but also should know the code of conduct of the business you work for very

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