Plant Transpiration Lab Hypothesis

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Plant Transpiration Research Question: How do different wind velocities affect the transpiration rate in plants? Dependant Variable: Rate of transportation Independent Variable: Three different wind velocities Hypothesis: The gas pressure sensor is going to sense higher gas pressure around the leaf as transpiration rate increases. The higher the wind velocity is the lower the gas pressure. This is related with transpiration because if you have low gas pressure then you have a lower rate of transpiration. Materials: • Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) • Vernier Lab Quest • Gas Pressure Sensor • Fan with different type of settings (three) • Three leaves for the three treatments • A ring stand Variables: Independent Variable: Three wind velocities 1. 1.9 ms-1 2. 2.2 ms-1 3.…show more content…
Measure the initial measure and before doing the next trial, measure to see if it matches with the initial measurement. • Collect the items listed in the materials • Turn the Vernier Lab Quest on and prepare it for the experiment • Plug the gas sensor • Set the Vernier device to measure the gas pressure unto five minutes • Place the leaf stem into the rubber tube of the gas sensor • Apply Vaseline in order to close all remaining openings on the rubber tube • Attach the leaf-tube into the ring stand, make sure it is in direct line with the fan • Rapidly set the fan to the corresponding setting and wait for five minutes for the plant to transpire • Repeat the steps above for two treatments of the same leaf on the three setting of the fan. Have one treatment with no fan for the control set • Repeat the same experiment with the different treatments for the three different leaves to get three trials for each

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