M & M Dream Bars

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According to Buddy Valastro, reality television personality and baker from Cake Boss, "No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude." Valastro spoke to me on a personal level. Life is a recipe; a mess of ingredients go into your recipe of life to make it special. You get to pick what ingredients you put into your recipe. If you pick good ingredients and have an upbeat attitude, your life will be exceptional. In this recipe of myself, the ingredients of M&M Dream Bars symbolize my values which, when mixed together, allow people to experience Chesney Lund and consider what inspires you do to do something. First, all-purpose flour is a vital part of the recipe because it represents an important value for me, honesty. Could you imagine baked goods without flour? Do you know how many recipes need flour to work? Flour is the base to many recipes. If you took flour out of the recipe, you wouldn’t get the results you wanted. Just like flour is important to a recipe, honesty is important to me. EXAMPLE I believe you should be honest and in return those people should be honest to you. I try to be honest with everyone no matter what has happened. If I didn’t have honesty with people, I would feel a distrust towards them. I would be afraid that they were always hiding…show more content…
Oatmeal is what makes M&M Dream Bars unique. Any normal crust is made out of flour, butter, and sugar but adding the oatmeal transcends the crust. Oatmeal is just a basic ingredient much like being humble is just a basic thing. I have seen many social icons go from being humble to becoming a diva. Many people lose their humbleness if they are put in the spotlight. I believe that people should try hard to keep that humbleness. If I didn't have humbleness in my life I would be very different. I might let things get to me and become

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