Personal Essay: The Death Of My Pet

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The Death of my pet In my childhood I had a few terrible experiences but none stuck out more than when my dog died, this was a shock for me growing up with a friend that had been taken from my life so suddenly, I felt so insecure and venerable as a friend I always had by my side no matter what was gone and I was all alone now. I realised how long I had known my pet that my dog was no longer a dog or a pet but my friend from such an early age all through my life had been there until one day she just wasn’t. I was at first motionless hearing the news, I was so shocked I didn’t say anything or even move, I was frozen still without even blinking as the shock set in I realised what had actually happened, I hadn’t seen my friend in days as a broken…show more content…
My pet was 16 years old when she passed away much older than me at that time and I didn’t realise that. As I got older I seen my pet go from a energetic happy dog that can’t wait to go out for walks to a dog that had no energy left, who was still the same happy cheery dog but struggled to do the things it once done, this upset me as I got older as I had felt like I was holding on to a younger friend and drifting apart from my friend only made things

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