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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a term for the hardware, software and digital systems that enable data and information to be managed, Stored and processed (Queensland Studies Authority, 2007).Use of technological devices can be seen in various forms, from the simple use of mobiles to assistive Devices for educational purposes. ``Technology is a major catalyst for increasing learning’’(Isernhagen, 1990, p 30) .ICT is known as a practical, profitable and Expedient in language teaching and learning, therefore old and traditional approaches to language teaching and learning have been substituted by new and Ingeniously approaches based on the use technology and internet. Integration of ICT has a great effect on all aspect of…show more content…
Some researchers in this issue have focused On teachers attitude toward ICT, teachers gender, teachers age and experiences (Chen, 2008; Egbert, Paul & Nakamichi, 2002; Hubburd, 2008; Park & Son, 2009).Teachers attitude toward ICT and their gender are known as important factors that affect integration of technology in language teaching, such factors Have been studied by some researchers (Teo, 2008; Todman, 2000; Yaghi, 2001).Some research show that success or failure of ICT in educational places Depends on teacher’s attitude toward technology (Albirini, 2006; Baylor & Ritchie, 2002). (Abirini, 2006) mentions to the significance of teachers attitude in Using technology and claims that it is one of the main factors in integration of ICT in educational setting. Thus teachers attitude is one of the main factors In using computers, mobiles, IPods, tablets and internet based activities. Gender is the other important factor in process of language teaching, so male and female Teachers are different in language teaching.Lakoffe (1973) mentions to differences between male and female teachers.So, attitude is one of the main…show more content…
Resilience is a signifanct issue that impact gender because male and female have different charecteristics.So, what is resiliency for teachers and who is resilient teacher? Bobek (2002) mentions to resilience as`` using energy productively to achieve goals in the face of adverse conditions``(Bobek, 2002, p4).In other words, resilience is the quality that capacitate language teachers to have the best performance despite challenging situations.According to researches there are some factors that impact teachers ability and resilience, despite policy (Ball, 2003), environment and economically conditions impact teachers resilience ( Troman & woods, 2008).(Higgins, 1994) reject innatness of resilience and claims that it can be learned.Cocept of resilience includes different aspects, emotional, motivational, profession related and social.So, teachers resilience effects their attitudes. 1.2 Statement of the Problem Teachers gender and attitude toward using technology and different methods of teaching should be taken into account ; therefore some teachers agree

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