Essay About Music Education

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To study Music is to study the basics. It is a comprehensive art- within its study. Students come into contact with other basic areas of the curriculum: math, science, social studies, languages and physical education. Along with the many benefits of learning Music, educators believe that its learners should not only enjoy it, but as well as to be fully equipped with the correct and rightful concepts in order to fully maximize the subject. Music education in the curriculum has an incomparable impact on students’ minds. When music education is sustained from elementary years to high school, students continue to develop clear connections between music and other areas of study. Through integrating music in the classroom, learning makes the process much more fun and interesting, thus, the joys of learning are experienced by the students. And, this results in putting emphasis on Music Education in almost all schools in the world. In the Philippines, the Department of Education and the National Commission for Culture and Arts continuously formulate and…show more content…
The whole being of every student is exposed and developed through these musical experiences. Researchers proved that when music is taught in school, students are developed completely. It means that it has a significant effect on the skill building, growth, development and in strengthening the performance of every learner. Therefore, music is a major component of teaching. The school administrators, supervisors as well as the classroom teachers need to be mindful of these benefits and that students find joy in learning music. Implementing the use of different and appropriate music teaching methods and the utilization of various instructional materials are such that they can promote in the learning
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