Reflection Of Myth

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Myth is a traditional story that comes from the past that is about important divine beings. They are types of oral stories and often known to be fluid, meaning they change overtime depending on who is narrating it. These kinds of myths like that are similar to the bible when it comes to telling a story about how the world came about. Before walking into this mythology course I can admit I had no idea what myth actually was. My entire idea of what myth was before was not completely wrong but it was still nothing like what I have learned in the course thus far. Before taking this course I only went off of what my previous teachers in high or middle school had mentioned to me. During that time they showed us videos and gave lectures about myths but it was not the…show more content…
I thought they were just stories about tribe members and how they took over certain positions within the tribes. Of course, I understood myth was just tales or stories told but I also believed it only dealt with Indians at the time. Myth to me was a way to tell the horrific or batter field narratives so that they could describe important events of their time. I figured they told these stories to also prepare the younger for what they would have to later become. My thoughts of these myths related more so to their truth of life. Since it was a way of their living, they had to have been told in order to bring up the younger generations. Based on this you can see my idea was off or as some might say closed minded, because this is where my mind stopped. I had only believed this from my first time hearing the term myth. After entering this course, I had no idea that mythology was tales originally sung and told to just about anyone. They were also tales that described the beginning of time, divined people who may or may not have been human, and their specific powers or associations during that time
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