Ict In Human Development

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Recommendations: ICT does have the potential to play a major role in global policies and goals to eradication of societal ills - poverty, disparities, marginalizations across gender, race, sexual and cultural identities, religious and political beliefs. To face these challenges there must be a radical shift in how we think about these global problems, if humanity is to tip the scale at the equilibrium point, where human development is leveled out for all 7 billion inhabitants of this planet. There needs to have systematics breakthroughs to unleash all the potentials that ICT possesses to achieve and even surpassing the global goals for human development for this century and beyond. Taking for reference Stanford University’s The Triple Helix…show more content…
The infrastructure supporting ICT has to be light in material and minimally skilled human capital. It should be easy and low cost to build, similar to what has worked the wireless and mobile industries. It is equally imperative that the devices - personal computers, cellular telephones, radios and televisions, for personal use becoming smarter - come ready to connect to the cloud, device-to-device, and person-to-devices. The devices of future are made with material that are less polluted, recyclable, adaptable to individual user, durable and built to a maximum life cycle as possible and draw energy from renewable source. One need not to be highly skills to fully take advantage of ICT4D in the digital age. The spectrum from from content development and production to product delivery must be as simplistic, easy to understand, relatable, unintimidated and flexible enough to be relevant to the most killed users the simplest of…show more content…
English homogeneity on the net further feeds into the inequality and the problems with the digital divide. According to linguist András Kornai, a mathematical linguist, approximately 5% of the world’s known languages are present on the world wide web with the change to strive in the digital. That leaves out 95% threaten to suffer a “massive-die off by the digital divide.” (András Kornai 2013). It would be a miss-opportunity to not work towards language heterogeneity of the net. For that to happen, more investments on micro projects at community level as well as at the institutional scale projects, for example, the World Digital Library (WDL), a product of the partnership between Google, the United States Library of Congress and

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