The Monster: The Leopard Man

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To each individual, the term monster has a diverse meaning. For some, the word represents a creature with immense fangs or long coarse hair. For others, the word monster could resemble a person who commits horrific acts of crime, or even just someone who behaves uncivil towards others. More often than not, the image that the word creates is a frightening figure with characteristics that are not thought of as normal. In the Oxford Dictionary, a monster is described as “a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature.” Individuals seen as these dreadful creatures are judged more harshly on their appearance than how they behave towards others. If it is ugly or scary, then it is thought that it must be a monster. However, the truth could…show more content…
The beasts created were originally animals. Each animal was then contorted into a version of a human. Traits of their animalistic behavior began to show through and that is when everything on the island started to fall apart. The Leopard Man was one of the first creatures to return back to his animal behavior. He had killed a rabbit on the island and tasted blood. The brutal killing of the animal instilled panic into the humans, which occupy the island, as they may be the next target. Dr. Moreau attempts to regain control over the Leopard Man by cracking his whip and stating that he will drag him back to the ‘Room of Pain.’ However, the Leopard Man rises up against Dr. Moreau and “with eyes aflame and his huge feline tusks flashing out from under his curling lips, leapt towards his tormentor” (Wells 70). The Leopard Man is just following his instincts. Leopards are born to hunt, chase and be predators. Which is also why he attacks Dr. Moreau, since he was trying to hurt him. The Leopard Man is no monster, he is a Leopard who had a tremendous amount of pain inflicted upon him, just like the rest of the animals on the island. The pain came from Dr. Moreau himself, the…show more content…
Dr. Moreau lets them out into the island once he realizes that he failed in his experiments, and they are after all still animals. Now the animals are neglected suffering alone, making Dr. Moreau the worst of them all. All of the experiments are due to “his curiosity, his mad, aimless investigations, drove him on, and the things were thrown out to live a year of so, to struggle and blunder and suffer; at last to die painfully” (Wells 74). Once the animals are experimented on and then thrown out, they have no idea what to do or how to behave. They no longer know how to care for themselves. The beasts are confused, and now could be killed easily by many natural causes because they no longer knew how to survive in the wild. The pain Dr. Moreau inflicted, lasted much longer than just his experiments. Dr. Moreau ruined the lives of many animals who were born to live free on their own. Dr. Moreau is a monster. He inflicts pain for his own greed and never once cares for the beasts he has created. He also had no other reason for doing it besides science. But that is no excuse either. There is no need in science to turn an animal into a human. Not only do many of the beasts suffer on their own following the experiments, they also live in constant fear of Dr. Moreau. That is no way for anyone to live, especially the beasts who are neglected and living in a state of

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