Importance Of Sugar Cane Quality

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Total cane quality management: fields to sugar factory Introduction: Sugarcane is the best raw material which is used for the production of sucrose content in sugar processing and it contain great importance depending upon the milling. For getting maximum profit from sugar factories cane quality is very important therefore, it should be uniform throughout the crushing season. Sucrose is one of the most important anabolic processes during the maturation phase, influenced and regulated many factors. The amount of sucrose storation during maturation of cane in the field is very crucial for cane processing because the entire yield depends on the sucrose content. An efficient sugar…show more content…
There are no of factors that are responsible for it which impact sugarcane production. Sugar cane variety selection is very important but proper selection and planning of variety development is key factor to enhance sugar productivity. Insect, pest and diseases free varieties are chosen. Proper irrigation, husbandry practices should be given to the varieties so that the developed variety should consume large amount of sucrose. Balances use of fertilizers, including micronutrients is essential for cane quality. Frequent and adequate irrigation, particularly during grand growth period is a key…show more content…
Due to which endogenous invertase become active there invertase is of two types immature and mature. The top joints of stalk have more acid which are released during the milled juice and causes loss to sucrose in the process. Highest level of invertase is recorded by many scientist that occur during late crushing period when temperature is high but it can be overcome by sprinkling water over them. Microbiological aspects of quality losses: When sugar cane crop are at the maturity state then attack of microbes are also high at leaves, stalk, or deposited from the air or splashed up by the soil which greatly affects the cane quality. For this purpose different microbes resistant organisms are grow for the eradication of harmful microbes. Different yeast, fungi like streptomycin is produced under the leaves which reduce the sucrose level in the sugar cane crop. Cane that are healthy or free from microbes have waxy layer that protect the inner tissues from infection. Management of post harvest losses: An integrated management approaches involves many physical and chemical methods to overcome these losses to get maximum profit from sugar

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