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To study about fully organization procedure of INDIAN FARMERS FERTILISER CO-OPERATIVE LTD (kalol) (IFFCO) This unit is spread over on 96 hectors of land is located 26 Kms. Away from Ahmedabad - Mehsana state highway near Kalol. This plant is the first plant of IFFCO which is established in 1967 register on 3rd November, 1967 and started on April 1975 as multiple unit Co-operative society. It was built at a cost Rs. 71.2 crores. The unit consists of plants to produce ammonia, urea, liquid CO2 and dry ice along with offsite facilities plant have been revamped in 1997 to enhance capacities to 1100 tpd. Urea water is supplied by GIDC from is bore wells installed around the unit and power is supplied by Gujarat Electricity Board. Approximately 800…show more content…
a. Purchase Department b. Storage Department a. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT This department is related to all other Department of the company like Finance & Account The material Department is mainly divided into two broad categories. b. STORAGE DEPARTMENT Not only the purchase department but also the storage department is important for the material department. There are two sub-department of the storage department. 1) Receipt department 2) Issue department 1) RECEIPT DEPARTMENT: - It is important part of the storage department because any material purchased by the company will first come inventors the receipt department. 2) ISSUE DEPARTMENT : - Issue department is also important part of the storage department because any material placed in this department after the process of receipt. Some function of this department are as under. * FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT The position of finance in business can be matched with the position of blood in the human body. Finance is of the business. Finance, today not only limited up to function that circulate business but also extended its boundaries. Today success or failure of any business concern heavily depends up on how effective financial management a firm has. It is the portfolio that gives maximum cost further different parties both inside and outside of firm are interested in financial position of firm and at fixed interval they often evaluate financial…show more content…
In the plant, the nature gas is first purified in the desul phuriser & than mix with system & partially. Performe in primary reformer, the primary reformer is supplied with associated gas & naphtha as process fuels. A mixture of gases coming out from primary reformer, enter secondary reformer where a stoichiometric quantity of air is introduced the gases living the secondary reformer conation nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide. The gases are passes through shifts converts where most the carbon monoxide gets converted gas is purified in an absorber where carbon dioxide is absorbed in an aqueous mono ethanol amines solution. The MEA solution is regeneral Ted in the stripper off & sends to urea plant. The gas after purification is a mixture of mainly Nitrogen & Hydrogen in 1:3 product proportions. It is compressed & send to the ammonia synthesis converter along with recycle gases synthesis converter is a single pieces realtor of about 3.3 meters diameters & 28 meters length & weight about 265 tones. Here Nitrogen & Hydrogen combined to from ammonia. The gases from the synthesis converter are called recycled back to the compressor. The discharge stream of the compressor is past through a train of collars & chillers where ammonia is condensed & than unconverted gases from the separator are sends to the synthesis

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