The Importance Of People In Real Life

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People in real life are truly good at heart. For example in great struggle people find a way to be kind to others, sacrificing one's own life for other lives so they can live another day, and people may still believe what they think even though they are facing the opposite. In great struggle people find a way to be kind to others. On page 501 Anne gives gifts to everyone for Hanukkah. She crafts and makes them by herself and gives the gifts to her family, the Van Daan’s, Mr. Dessel, and Miep. Out of the goodness of her heart, she gave gifts to them in their time of need. Even when Anne is in hiding, she still finds a way to be caring and nice to others around her. In the play Miep gives the two families cake and flowers for Hanukkah this shows that Miep cares deeply about these people and she does not want to see them hurt or Miep is trying to help the two families survive in their hiding and gives them cake and flowers out of the goodness of her heart. In the movie Peter gives Anne fancy red shoes for her birthday. He payed for those shoes with the rest of his money. Peter gave up all of his money to buy Anne Frank a present for her birthday. This shows that he cares deeply about Anne. Sacrificing your own life for other lives so they can live…show more content…
On page 504 at the end of the play Anne said,” I still truly believe that people are good at heart.”Even though her people, the Jews are being tortured and dying by the Nazi Party. Anne is trying to make the best of the situation by being positive.Margot thinks that she and Anne will be ok, but they actually are not. Margot is trying to be positive in telling Anne that everything will be ok.In the movie Anne tells herself that she and Margot are going to survive the concentration camps, but they actually died a slow painful death in the end. Anne is trying to be positive in hopes that Margot will recover from her
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