I Want To Become Better In The Future

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Determination has enable me to become better in life every day. The obstacles that I have faced have made me realize that I want to seek a change and betterment in the future. I have made myself aware that education is extremely valuable because it leads us to obtain knowledge of the world that surrounds us and helps us learn about life. I am committed to achieve my goals by persistently working hard academically and being community active at Knapp Medical Center and in extracurricular activities. I know that my persistence to achieve my goals even through the obstacles that I have faced, my ambition to becoming someone in the future, and my devotion to make my dreams happen will help me accomplish them. Education has become an important factor towards success in my household. My parents did not have the opportunity to cherish a post-secondary…show more content…
I am determined to accomplish such outcomes by continuing working hard like I have academically done so and how I have worked hard to balance my extracurricular activities and household responsibilities with school. I know it might be challenging to accomplish my goal of becoming a pharmacist due to my only support, my mother, not having the financial affordability to help me with university expenses, I will continue to work hard and determined to never give up like I have done through the obstacles I have faced. I have the ambition to make a change in my life and help my mother and little brother economically. I know everything is possible if you are persistent towards your goals. That is why I believe I deserve this scholarship because I have the passion of becoming a pharmacist to help the underrepresented in the Rio Grande Valley in research and have the potential to overcome the obstacles I have faced. I believe that education is the key to success and I know that deserving this scholarship will be a great investment to the

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