Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Big Bang Theory

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SOLUSI UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF THEOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES A report done in partial fulfillment of the course required Science of Origins (BIOL 389) Question: The Weaknesses of the Big Bang Theory Presented By: Delight Makaza ID: 2011050065 Lecturer: Mr. Sibanda The big bang theory is an effort to explain what has happened at the beginning of our universe and it states that the earth was created as a result of the explosion of a ball of fire. Some of the weaknesses of the big bang theory are as below:- The Weaknesses Of The Big Bang Theory It violates the first law of thermodynamics, which says that you cannot create or destroy matter or energy. Critics argue that the theory of the big bang proposes the universe has begun from…show more content…
Clearly, without that the realistic estimate quantitative predictions, the big bang’s hypothetical "fireball" becomes the indistinguishablefrom the natural minimum temperature in all cold matter in space. But none of the predictions, which varied between 5 K and 50 K, matched observations. Furthermore, the big bang offers no explanation of the kind of changes in intensity variations with the wavelength considered in radio…show more content…
Static UNIVERSE models correspond to most of the observations with no adjustable parameter. The big bang may correspond to each of the critical comments, but only with adjustable parameters, one (the cosmic deceleration parameter) requires mutually exclusive values to correspond to different tests. Without ad hoc theories, this single point misrepresents the big bang. Although the difference could be explained, the principle of Occam Razor favors the model with less of adjustable parameters of the static universe model. The big bang requires that the stars, quasars and galaxies of the universe be "primitive", i.e. , primarily of metal-free, because it requires many generations of supernovae to build metal content in the stars. But the test, the more recent suggests a lot of metal in the "before" the Quasars and galaxies. In addition, we now have proof that many ordinary galaxies in what the "big bang" should be the "darkage" on the evolution of the universe, when the light of the small primitive galaxies in existence would be blocked from view by the clouds of

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