Descriptive Essay About Burger King

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It was about the time of three o’clock in the morning when Sandy had called out me, Jessie and Emma; her three best friends for a farewell dinner before she left the town for university. We were in the store of Burger King, at the Kennedy Fields plaza, north of Steeles Avenue, on Kennedy Road in Markham; eating our delicious double-cheeseburgers, salad, and fries. It was after when we had paid our fees with our credit cards and were about to leave the store, we noticed that a car was strangely surrounding us. A woman was following behind us. She was carrying a bag on her left hand and was holding a thing in her right hand. The bag was a super small paper bag that looks just as the same as the one we found in Burger King. While the other one,…show more content…
I didn’t know why but I can guess that the curiosity from my body had fascinated me to put my attention into her. In between quick glances, I can barely see her face, she is a young-aged woman, between 15 to 17 years of age, a teenager that looked just like me, with a round shaped face and eyes that are extensively huge. She also had a tiger tattoo on her left-hand shoulder and a hoary, silvery shiny diamond ring on her finger. Another thing that makes me feel unusual about her was her gaze, it was flickering around anxiously just like she had done something before. And again, my ingenuity imagination starts to wander. Maybe the woman was just worried about her job interview that she had just done and was panicked that she may not get hired. Maybe she had just forgotten about the sauce for the fries and was nervy that her boyfriend will punish her. Maybe she had just seen her old boyfriend at the Burger King and was probably wary that he will follow her way home, which would explain her state and her gaze coming from her eyes. For our own safety, we decided to run to our car, locked all the doors and turned on the vehicle immediately. But when we got there we found out something that surprised all four of

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