The Car Industry: The Impact On The Automobile Industry

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The changes in the automobile industry have been a result of the technological age that citizens are currently a part of. Nearly everyone, if not everyone, has been impacted by a vehicle at some point in their lives, whether it is owning a car of their own of taking a local city bus to and from work. But how exactly has this impacted the automobile industry and their consumers? Well, there are both positive and negative aspects to consider. By using digital methods for buying and selling, the number of employed individuals at car lots and the number of car experts has decreased. All the information one wants to know about a car can be reached through their smartphone or laptop within a matter of minutes. There are also videos to show…show more content…
Of course, it has made consumers’ lives easier by being able to buy or make a car payment from almost anywhere. This means people have the ability to purchase vehicles on their own time without having to worry about making it to a car lot when they are open to talk with employees, considering so many members of society are always so busy and caught up in other matters. This ease of car buying has been assisted by other high-tech innovations that have played a major role in the decisions of car buyers nationwide. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of built in Global Positioning Systems (GPSs), hands-free calling, and speech-to-text software such as Siri that can be accessed via the push of a button or the voice of the driver. The digital age of the automobile industry has also produced automobiles that are energy-saving and efficient, as well as more environmentally friendly than previous car and truck models. The gradual shift to electric cars could prevent the release of carbon dioxide into the air, also. Car companies and brands that produce energy-saving are of great interest to consumers, as they realize that they will be able to save money on gasoline and be able to travel a longer distance on a single tank of gas. The comfort offered by cars has also influenced the auto industry. This is due to the invention of seat warmers, being able to set an exact temperature in the car, like it is a thermostat, and having the option to move the seat, such as the back support, in a multitude of ways. Additionally, the improved safety of cars and other automobiles has majorly influenced those car buyers who are purchasing for their teenage sons and daughters. Parents tend to look at dependability and reliability, instead of the digital features cars may

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