Radicalization In Unwind

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The world mourned when the Twin Towers were burned, Brussels was bombed, and when people were slain at a concert in Paris. All of these atrocities happened because of radicalization, which is taking a ordinary person and influencing their views to be more extreme and typically more violent. Radicalization is a social issue that was presented in the novel, Unwind, by Neal Shusterman. One of the main characters, Lev, was radicalized by a terrorist group, known as Clappers. Clappers lace their blood with explosives and then clap to detonate, killing as many people as possible. By researching radicalization my opinion that radicalization is wrong did not change, I learned why it happens, and was able to connect it to my life. Initially when I first started researching radicalization, I only thought that radicalization was for Islamic terrorists. Now after reading the news article, The Radicalization of White Americans, by German Lopez I understand radicalization applies to so much more. It applies to white supremacist groups, right wing extremist groups, and other groups that have ideas that are not…show more content…
My grandfather on my father’s side grew up around and after World War II, when racism was alive and well. He was racist throughout my father’s life, which rubbed off on my father. Racism is wrong and whenever my father is racist I just nod. I would like to believe that I am not racist, although it occasionally slips. I look at the brightside, my grandfather was extremely racist and in a few generations my family has almost gotten rid of it. With any luck my children will grow up in a world without these radical ideas that people of different races should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. With any hope future generations will grow up in a world where radical ideas like this and any other dangerous ideas are not

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