Personal Narrative-Humorous Wedding

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Too Late We had just gotten married. Him and me were skipping along the Nile River. We were such small children then, laughing and running along the bank. All dressed up in our wedding clothes, we played like we did before we were married. We had gotten away from our parents and the guards to have a little fun after the long ceremony. He turned to talk to me when something popped out of the water and lunged at him. I pulled him back by the arm and got him to run to the palace. That day, I saved him. Her voice snapped me from my thought of my wedding day, “I think he is a bore! I simply cannot marry him!” huffed Nubia. “You need to make a good match and Ammon is a decent man,” I replied. My sisters and I sat at the edge of the bath with our feet in the water. All six of them were pleading with my sister, Nubia, the youngest and most annoying, about her engagement to Ammon.…show more content…
Our brother, if you forgot. And you are queen of Egypt. You have no room to talk in this matter,” I sighed and quit egging her on. “How are you, Ankhesenamun? I mean with… all that has happened,” asked my other sister, Neith, pulling me up for a stroll around the porch. I knew she was asking about how I was doing after losing the baby. I had had two children, two perfect little girls, who were born too early and unfortunately died. The last daughter had just died a few weeks ago. My husband is the King of Egypt, Tutankhamun, and also my brother. He was very distraught over the fact that both of our children have died and that they were both

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