Who Is Mercutio A Foil In Romeo And Juliet

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Mercury isn’t really good for anything, is it? It’s a poison and very, very deadly. And not to mention it’s quick and smooth, kinda like our fiery character, Mercutio. Hm. Mercutio is a deadly sword fighter, and most good swordsmen are fluid in their work, one quick strike and the opponent is dead. The opponent in Romeo and Juliet is a well matched fighter, but a tying a belt (get it? Tie belt… Tybalt? Aw, nevermind), though quick and easy; the movements don’t really match up to those of a liquid metal. Everything is fine and dandy with a tied belt and liquid mercury dueling it to the ultimate destruction, until a living form of renewed happiness shows up and distracts everybody from the duel. It seems now that happy rays of sunshine can sometimes blind a man and make him stab another. This…show more content…
Mercutio is strong and fluid in his fighting, as is Tybalt, but when Romeo steps between them, his happiness distracts Tybalt from his swordsmanship and he stabs Mercutio under the arm. In this play many characters’ personalities crash with one another, but for certain Romeo is a foil for almost every character, Tybalt and Mercutio have some serious things to talk about down in Purgatory, which leaves Juliet to deal with the Nurse and her crazy dialect. What starts out dark and sad but suddenly get’s bright and warm, the raising of the sun right? Nope, it’s Romeo throughout this violent play. As the play Romeo and Juliet commences, Romeo starts in his emo corner crying over a girl who won’t text him back. While on the contrary, everyone else is going about with fairly high spirits. He brings down almost everybody he encounters in Act 1 and Act 2, but as Act 3 kicks off Romeo waltzes in with a (probably) goofy, love-sick smile on his face. Benvolio and Mercutio

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