Argument Essay About True Love

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It might be true or false,I don't know,it might be factual or a fiction but I have no say about it.They say true love does exist,some say it doesn't,others say,it was there before;when our forefathers and mothers lived.Some will even come out vehemently and claim true love has never and will never ever come to existence on this earth,'perhaps in mars'they will insinuate. I stand my ground though, that I am not a love expert when it gets to this because when I say I am,believe you me,some people will ask me questions I will never wish to answer or make comments I will never wish to hear in my life! Have you ever sat back,relaxed but just wondered why some people especially the ones we less expect to see in wasteful relationships staying in…show more content…
They’d better be a laughing stock in the village or in the estate, a punching bag in the house but still afford to wear that smile every morning and masquerade as the happy wife or girlfriend. All these just to disapprove those full lips who are always letting their tongues loose and poking their noses into other people’s businesses and talking of how so and so is being abused in his or her relationship. All these are reasons as to why that friend of yours is stuck up in what you view as an abusive or wasteful relationship but despite your several attempts to chuck him or her out, you are so disappointment as to why they are not reasonable enough to see for themselves that they are settling on fire that soon will eat them up or consume them completely. Believe it or not we are all in a certain circle of relationships aware or unaware of why we are stuck there. Good that you have read this so that you can grade and place yourself……..then you can know where you belong if still confused though don’t judge yourself harshly. Remember; one and nothing for this matter is perfect under the
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