Personal Analysis: Intrapersonal Analysis Of My Self

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Intrapersonal Analysis Of My Self Throughout this journey, I have learned things about my ethics, trust, codes of values, self-awareness, and my SMART goals. I have applied them in the workforce in today’s world. In my early child development, my parent’s goals were to teach me how to walk and talk. Once I hit age two, I had already accomplished those goals. Over the process of my child development, I started to learn more and more about life. In this class I learned My Code of Values My values are gratefulness, honesty, innovation, motivation, fitness and among others but these are the most significant ones to me. Appreciation is something my parents instilled in me due to the fact nothing is free, and if someone gives me something, the…show more content…
Emmons a professor at UC Davis says “Clinical trials indicate that the practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person’s life …It can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and facilitate more efficient sleep” change citation example (Emmons,2018). One experience I can share is when I had a job interview at OFR INC a company based in Selma California. At the start of the interview, I presented myself to the board of directors and company owners. What I learned from the experienced is first impressions are everything to someone. If I was not prepared to show I valued the interview and the employer then I would have been worthless to them at the time of hiring. I also learned the I must leave the interviewrs with a great impression of myself and value their time as “gold” because everyone’s time is worth a lot in this world. What I learn from the experience is I must be grateful because I got the interview and I landed the job. So being grateful is something everyone should have to do in this world. Not just at the time of shine but when someone is giving me something in return. Honesty is something I learned when I was a baby in preschool. My teacher’s…show more content…
If there is no trust, there is no relationship between myself and the other person. I have encounter number of situations where employees work unethical. One perfect example is where I use to work at what employees did was they were writing their time card out instead of clocking in manually. Per company policy employees are supposed to clock in manually. At the time I was the supervisor in charge, so the human resource department and I started to investigate the severe time theft that was going on in the company. What employees did was instead of taking a thirty-minute lunch. Employees will take a 3- hour lunch and counted as time worked in the field. One of the employees named was Pablo. Pablo severely argue due to the working conditions Pablo had the right to take a 3- hour lunch but, it was all lies. Pablo was dismissed immediately due to his

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