Importance Of Nasw Code Of Ethics In Social Work

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Introduction Social workers are a service to society. As a social worker, we help individuals, families, organizations, and communities strengthen their function in society. At first, I never took into consideration the importance of rules, regulations, policy, and laws. Now I am beginning to understand how large environmental factors like laws, programs, and acts can contribute to social stability on someone or a community. How Effective is Understanding Recent and Current Policy Unfortunately some social workers, like myself at first, feel that policy doesn’t concern them especially if someone wants to go into direct practice, which is not true. Social work is a policy-based profession. We interact and are involved in policy on a daily…show more content…
An important focus is to pay attention to the environmental forces that create and contribute to problems of living. As a social worker, I will strive to end all forms of social injustice whether it is in form of micropractice or through macropractice. My profession has obligations to set forth values in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. Policy analysis and advocacy as a social worker has a connection to the specific aspects of the NASW Code of…show more content…
Shaping my social work professional identity is an ongoing process and will never be a final achievement. In order to develop my professional identity as a social worker, understanding history will enable me to put current situations into perspective. Knowing history can increase my knowledge and ability to carry out organizational change, especially on outcomes of policies that work or didn’t work and what was their original mission was. Lastly, according to Popple and Leighninger’s research (2015), they found that Michael Reisch argued, “that the study of history helps one develop essential skills of analysis and critical judgment” (p. 58). History provides moral understanding of within ourselves and necessary skills such as assess research, evaluate conflicting interpretations, and analyze change. Our NASW Code of Ethics has made significant changes to incorporate societal changes such as immigration status and sexual orientation. As a professional social worker, we need to accommodate to changes because society never remains the

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