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2.0 Business Environment Analysis Business environment analysis is the first move from any business’s perspective before they make a decision. It is used to keep on update on trend and keeping their competitiveness in advance against competitors. There are two main factor in business environment analysis, internal factor and external factor. Internal factor is an inner strengths and weaknesses that an organization exhibit such as labours problem, new product lines, vision and mission, organization structure and so on. The other factor is external factor which means outside influences that can impact a business. External factor are divided into two more factors, direct factor which is closer to business operation such as customer, alliances…show more content…
(Trading Economics, 2015) The GDP per capita was last recorded at 46405.26 dollar in recently year. (Trading Economics, 2015) USA is a market-oriented economy, where most of the decisions made up by private individuals and business firms. (EW ECONOMY WORLD TEAM, 2013) These units play an important role in buying and selling goods and services to establish market prices and output levels for different goods and services. The federal and states government buy needed goods and services mainly in the private marketplace. However, the government has a limited role in economic decision making, but it can provide services and goods that the market cannot provide effectively, such as national defences, interstate highways and airports. The government also establishes safety guidelines that adjust work conditions, consumer product and environmental protection. The development of economic system is well because USA gathers its strengths from business services and manufacturing industries for improvement. Moreover, foreign direct investment in USA known as FDIUS totalled nearly 2.8 trillion dollar through 2013 on a historical-cost basis. FDIUS is amount to about 16.5 per cent of USA GDP. (Content First, 2014) Each year foreign firms make new investment in USA and others grow their well-established U.S. operations. Many foreign firms like to invest in USA…show more content…
Many of American belief that every individual can be succeed and grow financially by working hard. This idea contributes to a strong work idea and to a system that is excellence based ( Elke Schulz, 2007). In addition to a strong work ethic American business culture is also characterized by a heavy emphasis on individual initiative and achievement. Individual performance is highly valued. For example, an individual powers, moneys, and backgrounds. Therefore, this lead to many people only refer to peoples who are highly valued when needed and most of the business is carried out independently. Besides that, people not only this emphasis on individual achievement but also more to contribute to competitive work ethic. Americans are very direct in their business communication. The purpose of using direct style of communication is to exchange the information of business, facts, and opinions. For example, with the usual phrases that they are using are “let’s get to the point” and “what is the bottom line”. Definitely this direct way of communication can cause problems with others from cultures. But normally a business is built on personal relationships, therefore conflict will handle easily. Americans are individuality. U.S. Americans are encouraged at an early age to be independent and to develop their own goals in life. They are encouraged to not rely too much on others including their friend, teachers and

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