Lord Of The Flies Freedom And Order Analysis

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Nguyen Tran Mr. Javier & Mr.Wen World Literature 1, World History 2 24 September 2015 The Significance of Freedom and Order Freedom and order are significant aspects to everyday life because they give the people the ability to do as they aspire, while still retaining authority. Giving the people freedom in making their own decision keeps the people content, which is critical since it reduces chaos. However, order keeps society controlled so that power the people have is limited which decreases the possibility of overpower and destruction democracy. Both aspects are important to everyday situations in society. William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies clearly depicts the idea of an unbalanced government, that leads to destruction. He does this…show more content…
When Piggy and Ralph go to Jack’s tribe to confront them about stealing Piggy’s spectacles, the level of chaos the boys create is atrocious, leading to Piggy’s death and the breaking of the conch, “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist”(Golding 181). Since Jack did not receive the amount of freedom and dominance he wanted, he isolates himself from Ralph’s tribe and creates his own. The savagery within each of the boys progress greatly because of the recurring unbalance of freedom and order. This savagery leads to chaos being created between Jack’s tribe and Ralph’ tribe. The conch represents order within the island. The significance of they way it shattered, and how it “ceased to exist” demonstrates that order was never fully achieved, it never “existed” and was almost impossible to achieve amongst the boys due to the uneven amount of freedom and order. Without order, the boys’ outrageous acts destroy the conch and kill Piggy. Without a strong balance of both aspects, tumults occur leading to an unstable government and an unsafe environment for the people, which relates to the Storming of Bastille during the French Revolution. During the Storming of Bastille, 25% of Paris was unemployed, and peasants attacked Bastille looking for gunpowder, killing the guards, and tearing down the tower in Bastille with their bare hands as a symbol of killing the king (French Revolution Notes). The imbalance of freedom and order resulted in irrational acts being done, putting others in an unsafe situation, showing that when having too much freedom or order, the people act chaotically, leading to the decline of their government. The Storming of Bastille relates to the death of Piggy and breaking of the conch. Jack and his tribe were fighting for

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