Economic And Economic Differences In Economics Between 1607 And 1700

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Sebastian Weber Mr. Voorhees - 8 AP United States History 5 September 2014 DBQ Between 1607 and 1700, New England and the Chesapeake created their colonies very differently economically because of their geographic circumstances, politically because of how they set up their government, and socially because of how they set up their social ladders. New England and the Chesapeake developed very different economies due to the very different geographic circumstances. New England had a shorter growing season because of poor soil, leading to the creation of small family-owned farms. They also had more harbors to increase their interest in trade and fishing. In the Chesapeake, the fertile soil led to the boom in tobacco production, ultimately creating a plantation economy. This difference in economies can be traced back to the first reasons why the colonies were founded. The Virginia Company originally set up the Chesapeake in Jamestown to acquire profits from gold. Captain John Smith states that the one goal of the original settlers was to greedily find and bring back gold to England (Doc. 5). Since there was no gold to be found, they were forced to acquire their profits in growing tobacco. The economy of the Chesapeake differed from that of New England because its original settlers…show more content…
They differed economically because the Chesapeake had a better growing season than New England. Also, people in the Chesapeake had more incentive to gain money than did the Puritans of New England. They differed politically because New England offered opportunities of equality to all the citizens, while the Chesapeake had an aristocratic ruled government. Finally, they differed socially because New England had families that were concerned about equality for everyone while the Chesapeake consisted of mainly freemen who used indentured servants and slaves for their own

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