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Jett Fyke Miss:schaefer ELA 15 March 2018 MMA Introduction Hello my name is jett Fyke and I am from anthem AZ. I have my mom and dad with my brother and sister as my immediate family.along with my friends like Aden and Corbin and western. my hobbies are reading mangas and fanfic with that in mind I also like watching anime and this gives me my inspiration to do my favorite hobby that being working out with this lie gymnastics,parkour,calisthenics and CrossFit. this hobby’s help me with my dream everything from working out giving me strength and mangas giving me inspiration this will help me to become the greatest UFC no MMA fighter that has ever lived. As I believe that we are living in a generation of good fighters but real fighters like Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali and long gone and the only people that can come close is george st pierre but he is not even close the likes of Bruce no real fighter tries to pick fighters but is prepared for a fighter MMA fighters today do not have that some mentality. II. Goals Right out of high school I will train and train and train and join the UFC and I will show them what a…show more content…
This kind of lifestyle is not one for the faint of hearts as this lifestyle has training almost every day to fight someone who will punch you in the face as hard as he can in order to knock you out. You will need to train that have already learned the ways of combat the best and to win is my only goal (St-Pierre, Georges. The Way of the Fight. William Morrow, an Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2013.) III. interview There is a man by the name of scott “TNT” tannenbaum. had when asking him about his qualification for teaching MMA he then responded citing the fact that he had 4 degree black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu 3 degree black belt in aikido and a black belt in judo and japanese jiu

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