Narrative Essay About Becoming A Chef

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Red Agustin, 43 years old , is one of the greatest and also a successful chef that was supposed to be taking up an architectural course but suddenly he felt a bit short on passing the entrance examination about it and was also accidentally intended to try and take up HRM course in University of Santo Tomas because the next building next to it is HRM beside the architecture course building of UST. He would say that it is one of the best decisions he ever made (taking up HRM and becoming a chef) Honestly, he first really don’t know about cooking in college but indeed he did enjoyed it and yet he also did not expect this to happen but then he thinks that it is destined to him, to become a chef, but for us he is really a great chef. He taught us that even though it was an accident after which, his eagerness from cooking should be…show more content…
And then all of a sudden we asked him if did he dream of becoming a personal chef of any high profile individual in our country or even from other countries and humbly answered us that ever since he was very reluctant and he is very simple, he cook food however he don’t have dreams of working for someone really famous he also added that he would like to cook for them but to work for them maybe that’s going to come and he is not looking forward to it. We all see how really simple chef is because we interviewers came to his restaurant and visit it. The name is “Red” located at the

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